Time Management: The Value of Time

So before we go into time management techniques, that’s first explore the concept of time a bit more and that start off for the question. How much time you think you get to spend in a lifetime? Just make a guess.

All right, so it’s 650,000 hours for a person with an average life span. Now, that number is pretty difficult to comprehend. But still, that’s drying out of what? How much time do you think we get to spend on average in the workplace being productive? Take a wild guess. Okay, so between sleeping, let’s say on average, 7.6 hours a day, the time that you are an infant and the time you are retired and the time you need to spend in your personal life that leaves 90,000 hours off productive time for an average person. Now, to put this in perspective, it takes between 487 120 hours to learn the basics off a new language. It takes about 500 to 1000 hours to become a junior coder, and it takes about 500 to 800 hours to learn the basics of an instrument, but it also takes you 1.5 hours to watch their scores. So think about this. But you were having thoughts about a career change again. It might be rewarding, but make sure it’s worth the investment because you can easily spend about 5% of your personal time just learning a new career.

Now what if I tell you by applying all of the techniques, you will be way more efficient? What, reaching your goals within the time that you have? Let’s say that you are even 1% more efficient. That is still 998 hours safe in your professional life. In all seriousness, though, time is limited and we should get the most out of it. And you know who has this time management thing down to a science? This guy, it’s amazing what he’s able to accomplish in the time that he has. I mean, just take a look at the things that he does. All of these companies, he is Ida running, advising or on the board or something. Now, although being a billionaire probably helps with regards to outsourcing, some of the less interesting things in your life. It is still pretty amazing what this guy is able to accomplish with the time that he has. Another example is Warren Buffett, and you have probably already seen this growth in some cheesy length imposed. But this through, even though he is, like in the top 0001% off the wealthiest people in the world. Also, Warren Buffett on Lee asked. 24 hours in a day. All right, so that was my long way of saying that time is important now how this time management fit into all of this time. Management is about one thing and one thing only. To make sure that you spend your time as efficiently as possible in reaching your goals. That is it efficiency and focus on goals.

So whether you want to make the most of your corporate career or be attack entrepreneur or run a marathon or even be the best wife, husband or friend, possible time management will help you in reaching those goals as efficiently as possible.